Fall on Purpose

Fall On Purpose was started about 10 years ago when Matthew Bistok (vocals / lead guitar) and Anthony "AAADog" Russ (drums) got together and started jamming. They later found Jim Morey (trumpet) - now of the Jim Morey Band - that started the horn section to what the band has today. Fall On Purpose started playing gigs without finished original songs or cover materials, improvising for up to 4 hours a night. From those jams and the written music Matthew Bistok had writen over a lifetime, their songs began to come together. They soon secured a bass player, Jen "Funky Funkarella" Medina, who brought a solid, punchy bass with perfect timing and total structure making the band's core solid. They also found an amazing beat box street performer named Curtis "Black Zeppa" Hunt Jr., who added percussion, background vocals, beat box, hip-hop lyrics and an amazing energy on stage. The band has been rotating several horn players over the years and currently has "Carmine The Great" Pachiccio on trumpet, "Saxy Dave" Enfield on saxiphone, "Linda the Lovely" Hines on trombone and Dakota "Sharky Shark Attack" on Tuba. Jesse "Keys" Thelonious plays keyboard, alto sax and random electronics. Fall On Purpose acquired an experienced keyboardist, John "Professor Seuss" Stone, who has helped add a mature sound to the recording. Fall On Purpose has also added Puerto Rican/Latin percussionist Pete Nieves, hand drum specialist Steve Turner of Giving Tree Music, Merle Donalson on Djembe (drummer for the band Verse), along with Jeremiah Collins. Fall On Purpose also has a second guitarist and backup vocalist, Mark "Merk" Patterson.

The band will soon release their 3rd album in 2011, following their double album "Fopadelic Deerland" released 2009.

The band has opened for bands at sold out shows including: George Clinton Parliment Funkadelic, Sister Hazel, Rusted Root, and Sublime Bassist Eric Wilson. The group will open for Ziggy Marley April 29 at Stadium Green Iguana, Tampa.

The band is currently pursuing A tv show called FallOnPurposeTv that will show what the band and band members are all about, with skits, live performances, interviews with international artist, and document their world travels.


Fall on Purpose albums

New: Next 3 Miles

FoP Next 3 Miles "Next 3 Miles" is the long awaited follow up album to "FoPaDeliC DeerlanD" by the multi-genre masters Fall on Purpose. "Next 3 Miles" deals with many issues the band has experienced and faced since 2006, when the band went their separate ways, they reunited...

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Fopadelic Deerland

FoP Next 3 Miles Its a multigenre music that dabbles in all styles like Johnny Cash meets James Brown, Miles Davis. Its Punk Rock, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, and Polka Music with dead milkman humor. Frank Zappa flare and a plan to rule the world. ask your mom?????????????

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Fall on Purpose Live Performances

Fall On Purpose - FallOnPurposeTV

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